CSA season is here. (Almost!)

Believe it or not, it’s already time to sign up for this year’s CSA.

Winter isn’t even over (did it even start?) and we are already planning for summer’s bounty.  It’s true that the life of a farmer slows down in the off-season but we can’t help scrutinizing past seasons and dreaming of what will fill our plates and stomachs months from now.

As we head into our third season, we take all of the praise and criticism from our CSA members and customers to heart.  We are starting to better understand what you like (tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, carrots) and what you tire of (potatoes, cabbage, watermelon, bitter greens).  And that funny thing about beets – most love them, but some don’t.  This is true of so many things that we grow; it’s a quandary we face with each season.  Our challenge is to please the taste buds of over 100 households.  I know that we converted at least one beet-hater and tomato-hater last season so I have hope that we can do the same this year.

With our CSA starting in just a few short months, we are pleased to announce that you can sign up starting today.  We are going back to a 20-week season starting in mid-June through October, and continuing our egg delivery.  Last year’s late season proved to be too stressful given that the ground was frozen for much of the four weeks.  Chalk that one up to the learning curve.

Other changes for this year:

  • Because we know that paying for the whole season all at once is a big investment, we’ve added an option for paying in installments.
  • We’ve added Essential Baking in Wallingford as a pick up location and said good-bye to our Greenwood and former Wallingford locations. More pick up locations will be added as they are confirmed.
  • You can purchase items from our web store before, during, and after our main CSA season. Access to the web store will be available for non-CSA members too. This means that if you fear the commitment of the CSA, you can order à la carte and create a custom order.  However, due to logistical reasons, we are not able to deliver the full range of products to every pick up location.

So why join the CSA now when the first delivery won’t arrive for many weeks?  By joining today, you provide us with working capital to purchase the seed, prepare the fields, fill the seed trays, ready the greenhouses, plant, plant, plant, and plant some more.  It’s an investment in land stewardship and the promise of delicious things to come.  But moreover, you want this, this, and this:

Orange and cherry