CSA Week 10 (Session 3, Week 2)

Each year we swear that we’re cutting down on the number of varieties that we’re going to grow for the season.  Then, without fail, we find some fun and unusual items that get added to the list.  We’ve managed to reduce the number of varieties to “only” 100+ (down from almost 200 varieties in our first season.)  This year a couple of our new favorites are lemon and dinosaur egg cucumbers.  If the names alone weren’t enough to make you curious, then seeing these petite cukes should make you want to try them.


We are just starting to realize the full bounty of the lemon and dinosaur egg cucumbers and we’re pleased with the results of our trellised cucumbers. The curly cukes that grow on the ground sure have some personality, though.


Week 10 CSA Box
Lemon/Dinosaur Egg Cucumbers
Summer Squash

Large boxes add:
Burgundy Beans, Slicing Cucumbers, Zucchini
Extra: Tomato

We still have bulk quantities of sauce tomatoes available in our webstore.  They will only be around for a few more weeks.

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Weekly fresh harvest boxes (the equivalent of our regular CSA box), tomato samplers, bulk tomatoes, and pickling cucumbers are available in our webstore or you can sign up for the last session of our CSA which begins on September 20th.