CSA week one: the fun has just begun

It’s been a good long time since this blog has been updated.  For the next 16 weeks it will serve as our CSA newsletter.  The fun part is that you don’t have to be part of our CSA to enjoy it!

Week 1 CSA box:
Red Russian kale
Purple kohlrabi
Snap Peas

Large boxes add:


The mix of rain and sunshine this spring has been a blessing this season.  In contrast with last year, when we barely saw a drop of rain from April until September, the cooler temps and moisture have given us a great foundation for our crops.  The potatoes are happy.  The tomato plants are starting to bear fruit and will start to ripen very soon.  The fields are green, green, and green in every direction.

On the downside, our cucurbits (cucumber, melon, summer squash) and corn have been hit hard by pests.  Pest damage to crops is always heartbreaking, especially when those critters live in the ground – unseen by the naked eye.  They feast on the seeds and roots which stunts and damages the plants.  As the weeks pass and nothing pops out of the ground, we rush to implement plan B; we are re-seeding those crops and keeping fingers crossed that there’s enough time left in the season to grow these much-loved items.

So what’s going strong right now?  Everything in the brassica family: broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, Romanesco, and kohlrabi.  Which brings us to this week’s veggie spotlight: KOHLRABI.


More people should know about this vegetable.  This “cabbage-turnip” is often mistaken for a root vegetable.  It’s been cultivated for hundreds of years and can be eaten either raw or cooked.  Its mild flavor and versatility are completely underrated.  While most would only use the bulb, the leaves can also be used much in the way of kale of collard greens.  Try out some of our favorite kohlrabi recipes here.