Fix First, Farm Later

Apparently becoming a farmer isn’t as simple as buying a farm and sticking some seeds in the ground.  There’s a fair amount of figuring out how to use the equipment we have and what equipment we’ll need.  Oh, and fixing stuff.  Lots of fixing.

To date we have experienced the following since taking possession of the farm in mid-December:

Broken water pump
The culprit! Broken water pump motor.

Burned out motor in the well’s water pump – Fixed!

Two broken water heaters in the house – One fixed, one to go.

Multiple water leaks – we counted 3 just in the service around the house – well to house has been re-plumbed, outdoor hydrants to go

Leaky barn roof – a work in progress

Barn door falling off
When your barn door falls off, just use your tractor to prop it up.

Household wiring – where to begin…

Barn door fell off its hinges – New barn doors constructed and mounted (hooray!)

And last but not least: crashed computer *sigh*

Of course, Jonathan takes it all in stride and reminds me “Honey, we bought an old farm.  Stuff’s gonna break.”  I need to remind myself that I’m not the one doing any of the fixing so I shouldn’t get too down about it.  But seriously, what’s next?

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  1. Ian says:

    BOAT = Bring out another thousand
    FARM = Fix another recalcitrant machine?

    I admire your bravery in asking that last question (what’s next?). Yall obviously have the right stuff. 🙂

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