Everything for sale in our webstore was grown or produced by Skylight Farms.  shopNow-barn

What’s available?  At different times during the season you can find:

  • Produce harvested at the peak of the season for the best flavor.
  • CSA mini-subscriptions
  • Fresh Harvest boxes – filled with seasonal produce. Each box contains 5-7 items. Box contents vary throughout to the season.
  • Juicing boxes – filled with approximately 20lbs of “seconds”, produce that is not marketable for aesthetic reasons but is still delicious and nutritious.
  • Eggs laid by our pasture-raised hens.
  • Raw honey.
  • Bulk quantities of produce for canning and preserving such as tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, cabbage, and beets.  Items vary throughout the season.

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Orders from our webstore can be picked up at Essential Baking in Wallingford, Vertical World Seattle, Seattle Bouldering Project, Valve Corporation, and Skylight Farms.