What are pastured eggs? It means that our chickens live, eat, and play in our fields, and are able to run around freely, scratch, and forage for their favorite foods in the great outdoors. We provide a home to about 250 chickens. Our flock is made up of Leghorn, Black Australorps, Ameraucana, Golden Comet chickens.

Our chickens eat naturally-grown soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed, as well as leftover produce and anything they find to peck at in our fields. During the day, they roam around in open fields and forage for food (grasses, seeds, and insects).  At night they find shelter in a mobile henhouse, where they sleep, roost, and lay eggs.  Once they have pecked and scratched an area to their hearts’ content, we move them to a new location so they constantly have fresh forage.

The chickens help us by providing a natural means of pest control and fertilizing the fields. You can tell that they are happy and well-fed by simply cracking open one of their eggs.  They are the most delicious, flavorful, richly colored, golden-yolked eggs…period.  Once you’ve had one of our pastured eggs, you won’t go back!  Eggs are available through our CSA and web store.