Who doesn’t love strawberries?  When we polled our CSA members last year on which items they enjoyed the most (and least), the overwhelming majority said, “more strawberries!”  Okay, I added the exclamation point for emphasis but I imagine that most people are pretty excited about a perfectly ripened strawberry.  I know I am.

Imagine our surprise and delight to find that our strawberries are early this year.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with our ever-bearing strawberries last year.  So. Delicious.  This year our June-bearing plants are set to deliver so we’ll have more than twice the amount of strawberries available.  Add to this, the 1,400 new plants that were recently planted and that just adds up to strawberries galore.  Maybe we’ll set a record for the number of weeks that our CSA members receive strawberries in their boxes.

Here is a little timeline of this year’s strawberries:

Mid-April: Jonathan took advantage of a sunny day and cleaned up the strawberry beds while Caia supervised.


May 11th: strawberry blossoms.

DSC_2019May 19th: A proliferation of green strawberries.


May 24th: Some very happy children eating their weight in strawberries.